Royal Convention exhibit applications due May 1

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) is making a last-minute call for exhibitors for its 2019 Royal Convention in Mississauga, Ont.

Organizers are seeking exhibits on any subject – not just Canadian material – and there are few restrictions. Any multi- or single-frame exhibit that has earned a vermeil medal or higher is eligible to participate. Exhibitors must be a member of The RPSC or an affiliated national organization such as the American Philatelic Society. All submitted material must be owned by the exhibitor, and any exhibits that won a Grand Award in this calendar year are ineligible.

“The ‘Royal’ is Canada’s premier annual convention and gives exhibitors from all over Canada a chance to show off their collections on a national stage as well as to network with other like-minded collectors,” said exhibits chair Rodney Paige, who’s also on The RPSC’s judging program and convention liaison committees.

“Exhibiting is important to the hobby because it brings focus to collecting interests and also brings collectors together in an environment where they can learn more about their hobby through seminars and other events.”


Application forms are available on The RPSC website, and the registration deadline is May 1.

Frame fees are $25 for multi-frame exhibits; $30 for single-frame exhibits; and free for youth exhibits.

“I think by far the most important element for a show are the attendees,” said show chair Joe Trauzzi, who’s also vice-president (liason) of the
Grand River Valley Philatelic Association (GRVPA) and a member of the Bramalea Stamp Club, for which he’s the GRVPA representative.

“They spend their hard earned cash at the dealer tables, and dealers pay for space at the show. Without the dealer income, showgoers would have to pay a large entrance fee—or no show,” said Trauzzi, who added “dealers would not come without sales.”

“Exhibits not only drive attendance, but exhibitors really drive purchases from the dealers. They want to find items for their exhibit, and – for the rare special item – will spend. So without exhibits and exhibitors, I believe we would see shows begin to struggle and possibly fade away.”

For more information about the Royal*2019*Royale national-level exhibition, contact Paige at

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