More than 200 frames of competitive exhibits will be on display at this year’s Royal Convention!

For a full list of exhibits, see below.

The deadline to register was May 1, 2019.

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13 1-8 Ukrainian Provisional Postage Stamps, 1992-1996 Mark Stelmacovich 
This exhibit shows 1990s Ukrainian provisional stamps and their uses on domestic and/or international mail.
12 9-15 Newfoundland Early Legal Documental History via Stampless Precursor and 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue Types John Walsh  
This exhibit presents the known 17 stampless and 47 different Queen Victoria first revenue stamped legal documents. Primary evidentiary research discoveries provide major significant historical information.
10 16-20 London Cancels – Development During the Victorian Period Michael Mather
This exhibit traces the development of London postage obliterators from the Maltese Cross to the machine-applied duplex cancels and the combined date/obliterator cancels of the final decade of the 19th century.
12 21-25 The Canadian Fiscal War Tax Stamps of World War One John Hall
This exhibit explores the Canadian fiscal war tax stamps that raised funds for the First World War.
10 26-32 Great Britain Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Civilian Letter and Printed Paper Rates Duncan & Karen Barber
This exhibit explores Great Britain Elizabethan pre-decimal civilian letter postage rates from May 1, 1952, to Feb. 14, 1971.
10 33-40 Wei Hai Wei, China 1895-1949 Sam Chiu
This exhibit explores the postal history of the British Leased Territory ‘Wei Hai Wei’ in North China, known for its British and Chinese Post Office.
13 41-46 The De la Rue Key Plate System Graham Locke
This exhibit explores the De la Rue key plate system, including its development during the reign of Queen Victoria.
16 47 Ukraine’s Trident-Overprinted Russian Revenue Stamps of Podillia, Years 1918 and 1919 Mark Stelmacovich 
This exhibit highlights Podillia-Gubernia public taxation and fundraising through use of Trident-overprinted revenues, revenue stamps and use on documents.
5 48-52 Voluntary Fundraising for WWI David Bartlet
This exhibit explores First World War fundraising and promotion through thrift, savings stamps, slogans and cinderellas.
15 53-57 Line Engraved Issues of Great Britain 1840 & 1841 Stuart Reddington
This exhibit highlights the production, plates usages, varieties and postmarks of the 1840 issues and the 1841 Red printings on the ‘Penny Black’ plates.
10 58-60 Newfoundland Postage Meters, 1928-1949 Robin Moore
This exhibit is a complete study of all known meter numbers used by Newfoundland businesses before Confederation with Canada on April 1, 1949.
16 61 Alphabets Spell Life for Travelling Post Offices/Railway Mail Service in British India Denzil Fernandes
This exhibit examines the nature and classification of mail into a high number of postal divisions, each identified by a letter of the English alphabet.
2 62-69 Peruvian Airmails 1928-1942 Robert Parsons
This exhibit highlights the development of Peru’s domestic and foreign airmail routes and the evolution of Peruvian airmail postage rates from 1928-42.
16 70 Overseas Mail Via Bombay, 1860-98 Denzil Fernandes
This exhibit examines the nature and disposition of mail handled by the British Postal Administration via Sea Post through Bombay prior to August 1898.
16 71 Canada’s Non-Denominated “A” Stamp Robert G. Anderson
This exhibit is a study of the first non-denominated stamp in Canada showing introductory material, day of issue items, production varieties and postal usage.
10 72-75 “Paris” – “Diamonds and Stars” – District Offices and District Sub-Offices, 1852-1876 Vic Potter
This exhibit is a study of the postal markings, together with rates and routes.
9 76-80 Grande Semaine d’Aviation de la Champagne Doug Matthews
This exhibit is a postcard story of the world’s first major aviation meeting in Reims, France, in 1909, including details of the pilots, aircraft, venue, sponsors, competitions and legacy.
10 81-88 Canadian Errors & Varieties During Elizabethan Era Doug McAndless
This exhibit shows errors and varieties produced from 1952 (Queen Elizabeth II) to the present day. It starts from design to production and an epilogue.
16 89 The R-100, 1930 Airship Flight from England to Canada and Return Ray Simrak
This exhibit explores the R-100 Airship August 1930 flight across the Atlantic from England to Canada represent by current technology and the ability to improve Trans-Atlantic Communications.
16 90 Mail Labels from the Inter-University Transit System (IUTS) Barry Millman
This exhibit highlights the IUTS, established in 1967 to transport library materials securely among Ontario University and Government libraries, began transporting mail in 1972. A survey of labels and routes.                     
10 91-98 Great Britain used in Ireland: 1840-1901 Kenneth Magee
This exhibit is a study of the Queen Victoria postage stamps of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, used in and from Ireland.
13 99-100 Wonder Woman Derwin Mak
This thematic exhibit shows the history of Wonder Woman, one of the most popular comics, TV and movie characters.
16 101 William Brown – Artist – Salisbury, England Sue Vernall
William Brown was an artist, philatelist, stamp dealer and bookseller. This exhibit shows some of his drawings produced as postcards.
11 102-106 Leeward Islands Postal Stationery Stephen Chivers
This exhibit shows the postal stationery and usage, issued between 1890 and 1946.
15 107-109 Optical Effects in Philately Nilo Dizon Jr.
This exhibit is about different printing techniques in producing stamps with optical effects that fascinate stamp collectors and philatelists like Lenticular, Hologram, Anaglyph, Stereographic and 3-D stamps.
9 110-111 New Zealand’s Medical Involvement in World War Jeanette Banfield
The exhibit shows some of the New Zealand medical personnel’s involvement in the First World War, both in New Zealand and overseas.
13 112-116 Reducing Risks on Our Roads R.A. (Bob) Gibson
This exhibit describes risks on our roads—their source and the methods by which they have been, and are being reduced.
6 117-120 Where were you in ’74 – An overview of the 1974 British Commonwealth Games held in Christchurch, New Zealand Jeff Long
This exhibit shows a variety of material associated with one of the biggest sporting events held in New Zealand.
16 121 New Zealand 1990 Michael Christensen
The first International Exhibition held in New Zealand in 1990 is illustrated by ephemera and philatelic material relating to this significant event – New Zealand 1990.
5 121-125 Crime and Punishment Nigel Mackey
The exhibit follows the criminal justice system from the criminal, crimes committed, victims, the police who apprehend them, the court process and finally the punishments. Using stamps, postcards, covers and ephemera.
10 126-130 Les premiers compteurs postaux à valeurs multiples distribués par Pitney-Bowes au Canada (1930-1955) Luc Legault
The exhibit examines the significance of the Pitney Bowes Model ‘J’ postage meter and its forerunner, the ‘Franco’ meter to the postal services of Canada. The period of the study is from the early 1930s to the mid-1950s.
13 131-134 2001: A Space Odyssey Derwin Mak
This thematic exhibit shows the history of “2001: A Space Odyssey” and the people who made one of the most famous science fiction movies.
16 135 Tuscany – Its Postage Stamps, issued from 1851 to 1860 Robert Carswell
This one-frame exhibit shows all of the stamps that were issued, including a number of rarities. It will also show a number of entire letters and covers, some of them international.
5 136-140 Royal Visit to Canada, 1951 Brainard Fitzgerald
The philatelic trail of the visit to Canada by Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip as they made their way across Canada and back.
16 141 Usages of Nauru Freighter Series 1924-1954 Prabir Datta
This exhibit explores the postal history of Nauru’s first definitive series emphasized on postmarks, registration label, postal rates and transit.
16 142 Canada: 20th Century Rates for Postcards to the U.K. John McEntyre
Postcards to the U.K., during every 20th century rate period: through the war tax years, the seamail/airmail choices, to the “All-Up” rates.
17 143-145 Canada 1988-91 Wildlife Series Medium Value Mammals Jack Nixon
This is a traditional exhibit of the 12 stamps of the 1988-91 Wildlife Series, each issued for one year, showing printing characteristics, varieties and correct uses.
4 146-149 The Story of Kaulbach Island Local Carriage Service Doreen Fitzgerald
Tells the story of the local carriage service from the beginning in 1971 to its end in 1984.
16 150 St. Pierre et Miquelon, le 20F “Montagne et arbres” de 1947 J.J. Tillard
Etude reunissant toutes les pieces propres a la confection de ce timbre.
5 151-154 Postal Items from the Jamboree Post Office at Camp Nedooae, Nova Scotia  8-15 July 2017 David Bartlet
This exhibit covers the design of postal souvenirs, the location and attendance, and the many aspects of operating postal service at the 13th Scouts Canada Jamboree at Elderbank, N.S., from July 8-15, 2017.
16 155 Postal History of Bayfield Wladyslaw Dziemianczuk
To display the postal history of Bayfield, Ontario by means of postal history from the commencement of the post office until 1975.
5 156-160 The Atlantic Family Michael Madesker
This exhibit deals with some aspects of the network of waterways which either depend on, or supply the Atlantic. Each of the 5 sections here provides its own narrative.
15 161-168 Canada’s 1935 King George V Pictorial Issue John Cooper
This exhibit will show essays, die proofs, plate proofs, plate blocks and usages.
17 169 Desert – A History of Temptation Emma Rowe
This one-frame exhibit is one of a few youth exhibits at this year’s Royal.  
17 170 Children’s Literature – A History Samantha Rowe
This one-frame exhibit is one of a few youth exhibits at this year’s Royal.  
12 171-173 New Zealand Law Courts and Land Deeds Revenue Stamps Mark Benvie
This exhibit is a specialized study of both the Law Courts and Land & Deeds revenue stamps and their use on documents.
10 174-178 The Returned Letter Offices of the United Kingdom – The Exclusively Metropolitan Offices Era 1811-1873 Ken Snelson
The Returned Letter Offices of London, Edinburgh & Dublin from the creation of the London RLO in 1811 to the 1873 opening of the Glasgow RLO.
16 179 St. Lawrence Steamboat Mail, Montreal – Quebec: 1819-1859 Tom Methot
This exhibit is focused on the shaped steamboat letter postmarks, with emphasis on the Large Type Circular Steamboat postmark.
16 180 A Canadian Soldier’s Postcards – Mailed from the Somme and Flanders WWI – May 1915 to April 1916 Don Hedger
A Soldier’s Postcards – Mailed from the Somme and Flanders WWI – May 1915 to April 1916.
16 181 The Half Cent Small Queen of Canada Garfield Portch
A study of a stamp with a limited number of planned uses. When properly used, the half-cent stamp carried the equivalent of today’s junk mail.
5 183-186 Commemorating and Celebrating Canada 150 Henny Uyl
Canadians and the world were presented with a unique array of philatelic material during its sesquicentennial year. Stamps issued commemorated historical events, showcased its natural beauty and celebrated its diversity.
15 187-189 French Establishments in India: 1847-1954 Dr. Ijaz A. Qureshi
Pre-adhesive French Colonial and local stamp issues, with usage on covers of the period. Also includes British Indian Stamps used in French India.
16 190 The One Cent Rate in the Small Queen Period 1870-1897 Garfield Portch
This exhibit presents examples of the application of the one cent rate in Canada between 1870 and 1897. It displays the regulation followed by an example of that rule.
16 191 Hong Kong 1945/6 – Postwar Restoration of Postal Services Ingo Nessel
This exhibit deals with the early days of Hong Kong after liberation from Japanese occupation, showing quick return of commercial activity, supported by the postal service.
16 192 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht Henny Uyl
This exhibit shows the history of the most famous Christmas carol in the world. It celebrates the carol with Austrians and those around the world and the carol’s 200th anniversary in 2018.
10 193-200 Japan’s Wars 1894-1911 Myron Palay
An examination of Japan’s Wars 1894 – 1911 which led to a hegemony of 60+ years only ending in 1945. The exhibit is based on Field Post Office markings, no duplicates.
17 201-203 Children’s Books Annalise Smith
A brief look at the development of children’s literature and how advances in printing have enabled the use of illustrations in our reading.
17 204-206 The Armed Forces Ryan Smith
A brief overview of the three military services, Army, Navy and Airforce.
5 207-211 Honey Monica Conrie
This exhibit shows how honey has developed over the years, hive improvements, harvesting, the honey itself, commercial and artisan production and the government levies.
10 212-216 Marques Postales des Bureaux de Poste aux Iles de la Madeleine (1885-Jour) Luc Legault
Évolution des marques postales en usage aux différents bureaux des Îles de la Madeleine de 1885 à nos jours.
15 217-218 The Belgian Tab Stamps and Their Usage: 1893-1913 George Pepall
The tab (in French, bandelette) was left attached if the sender was unwilling to have the item delivered on a Sunday, or detached if Sunday delivery (‘livraison dominical’) was acceptable.
10 219 International Stamp Cancelling Machines at Brandon, Manitoba: 1907-1919 Darcy J. Hickson
This exhibit is a study of the introduction of the earliest stamp cancelling machines at Brandon, Manitoba Post Office. Examines the transition from manual to mechanized stamp cancellation and the introduction of slogan cancellations.


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